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1996 SURVEY of Schooner TAIPI


TAIPI II" is a custom built, ferro-cement hulled, staysail schooner rigged, cruising sail boat showing raked bow with bowsprit, hollow sheer, flush fore and midships deck, trunk cabin, aft cockpit, counter transom, full keel and keel hung rudder. The ferro-cement hull was reportedly plastered over-steel bar and wire mesh to a reported average thickness of 3/4"- Ballast is encapsulated lead and concrete. The marine plywood bulkheads are bonded to hull and overhead at compartment intersections. The fiberglass and resin sheathed marine~plywood deck is supported by 2"x 3" laminated deck beams on 12" and 14" centers. The hull/deck joint is supported by a 3"x 3" laminated wooden shelf. The wooden box beam masts are stepped on deck with compression posts to the bilge. Chainplates are anchored to the hull and bulkheads.
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