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1996 SURVEY of Schooner TAIPI

Wetted Surface:
"TAIPI II" was inspected on August 13, 1996 while vessel was on the hard at Haulover Marine Center, Crown Bay. St Thomas. Wetted surface showed no evidence of weakness. The wetted surface showed evidence of grounding on sand with resultant loss of bottom paint, epoxy coating and exterior layer of concrete on specific limited keel and hull surfaces. The wire mesh exposed at the isolated locations showed no evidence of rusting or fragmentation of the adjacent concrete. The epoxy coating in the affected areas of the keel, port wetted surface and rudder will need renewal prior to bottom paint application. The antifouling bottom paint showed need for renewal due in part to the recent removal during Hurricane Bertha. The recently created and repaired hole on the port quarter wetted surface, caused by the rudder during Hurricane Bertha, showed no evidence of rusting wire mesh or fragmentation of the adjacent concrete. The 1" square hole has been repaired to good standards.The 22" diameter, three bladed, left handed bronze Propellor, the 1-1/4" stainless steel shaft, the bronze through hull fittings and the hollow, welded steel rudder with stainless steel rudderpost showed no evidence of pitting or wastage The shaft zinc, the rudder post zinc, the two large hull? zincs and the two gudgeon zincs all showed proper wastage. Zincs will needreplacement at this haulout.Rudder moved easily without binding or chatter. The cutlass bearing was serviceable. The bobstay chainplate on the stem showed no wastage or pitting. Please see COMMENTS.
Topsides: Topsides show overall strong and functional condition with painted white surface in good condition. No weakness was observed. Topsides show fair luster with blue boot top and painted blue wooden rub rail along the sheer. A painted blue caprail is atop the low rise bulwarks. Three portholes are seen on starboard topsides with four portholes seen to port. A self steering mount is attached to the stern.

Deck shows painted light blue non-skid surface in good condition. Deck is free of obstructions. Lifelines are mounted along gunwales with large generator box forward of the main mast. Some lifeline stanchions show broken bases and/or deformed stanchion. Please see COMMENTS.
Superstructures: The composite plywood and fiberglass sheathed superstructure shows good condition with opening portlights on three sides and ventilation hatches overhead. painted white non skid surface is seen on all tread areas of cabin top.

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