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1996 SURVEY of Schooner TAIPI

  • 1. The fire extinguishers aboard this vessel lack recent inspection records.

    Have all fire extinguishers inspected, serviced as necessary and tagged by a qualified fire extinguisher technician. Put tagged extinguishers back in mounted locations about the vessel.

  • 2. The propane system aboard this vessel lacks the pressure gauge between tank and regulator as required by ABYC standard A-1.5 2. Install a pressure gauge between tank and regulator and use in a routine test for leakage of the propane system between the tank and end use.

  • 3. Vessel lacks the following USCG required and/or recommended safety equipment. Provide all:
    A) a bell.
  • 4. Bilge is full of diesel fuel due to recent change of fuel filter. Remove diesel fuel and dispose of properly.
  • 5. Various seacocks below the waterline on this vessel are inoperable and/or lack double hose clamps. For example, the seacock to port forward of main engine is unused and inoperable.
    Free and lubricate each seacock at every haulout and install double hose clamps on all hose connections below the waterline.
  • 6. The lifelines and stanchions show varying stages of disrepair and damage. Rebuild port and starboard lifelines and stanchions as needed.
    A) Port forward lower course lifeline shows broken strand by way of bow rail. Replace wire.
    B) Port lifelines show four stanchions are bent inwards at the base resulting in broken bases.
    C) The #5 starboard lifeline stanchion shows it is broken completely from its base and the stanchion has been secured to the starboard upper shroud for support.
    D) The #2 starboard lifeline stanchion is broken from the base.
  • 7.The port running light on the how rail is broken away from its mount. The anchor light aloft on the main mast is dark. Repair and prove function of all navigation lighting.
  • 8. The mainsheet block shows cracked tang at base. Replace mainsheet block.
  • 9. The starboard lower shroud outer rang aloft on the mast below the spreaders shows that it is cracked between the edge and the hole for the through-the-mast-bolt. Remove, fabricate and replace rang. Check other tangs in area for similar damage Replace as needed.
  • l0. The main and mizen masts show that the screw fasteners holding the spreader bases to each mast have been pulled out for some reason.
  • 11. Vessel was not fitted with a functional 12V DC bilge pump at time of survey. install and maintain a functional bilge pump .
  • 12. The repair of the hole caused by the rudder during Hurricane Bertha should be finished by fairing to shape, sealing of new concrete with epoxy and coating with bottom paint.
  • 13 The exposed wire mesh sighted on the keel and the port wetted surface should be covered with protective epoxy coating to prevent rusting and fragmentation of the ferro-cement hull.

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