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The following numbered Comments relate directly to the Comments & Recommendations listed on pages 8 and 9 of Survey Report #160810.

  • 1. The fire extinguishers aboard this vessel have been inspected and tagged.
  • 2. The propane system aboard this vessel now is fitted with a pressure gauge between tank and regulator.
  • 3. Vessel is now fitted with the following USCG required safety equipment:
    A) a bell
  • 4. The bilge has been cleaned of the diesel fuel seen at last inspection.
  • 5. All seacocks below the waterline have been serviced and three new seacocks have been installed.
  • 6. The upper course lifelines have been replaced, two new stanchion bases have been installed and two more bases are to be installed in the near future.
  • 7. The port running light has been remounted and the anchor light aloft on the main mast is now functional.
  • 8. The mainsheet block is still cracked at the base rang.
  • 9. The starboard lower shroud outer tang aloft on the main mast below the spreaders has been replaced. All tangs and mast head fittings have been checked and replaced as necessary.
  • 10. The main and mizen masts show that the screw fasteners holding the spreader bases to each mast have been properly fastened.
  • 11. Vessel is now fitted with a functional 12V DC bilge pump and a manual bilge pump.
  • 12. The repair of the hole caused by the rudder during Hurricane Bertha has been opened up to about 4" diameter exposing the undamaged wire mesh to which seven new layers of wire were installed and the entire hole filled and shaped with epoxy resin with hardener and filler. Area was sealed and painted with bottom paint.
  • 13. The exposed wire mesh sighted on the keel and the port wetted surface has been covered with protective epoxy coating to prevent rusting and fragmentation of the ferro-cement hull.

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    At the time of the compliance survey, Items #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #9, #11, #12, and #13 had been complied with. Item #6 had been partially complied with. Item #8 had not yet been corrected. Items #6 and #8 are expected to be compled with in the near future.

    This report is submitted in good faith and constitutes a description of the subject's vessel's condition as found at the time of survey. The undersigned Marine Surveyor assumes no responsability for any defects and is to be held harmless for conditions subsequently arising. This report does not warrant (expressly or implied) or guarantee the condition of the subject vessel.

    This survey report is issued without prejudice.

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    December 4, 1996

    Since this Survey Item #6 has been fully complied

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