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1996 SURVEY of Schooner TAIPI

Main Engine
"TAIPI II" is powered by a 1990, 76 HP, four cylinder, turbo-charged Yanmar 4JH2-HTE marine diesel engine located in the main cabin bilge and accessible by removable cabin sole hatches. Engine shows SN 22639. Engine is flexibly mounted atop custom stainless steel engine beds mounted atop the formed stringers. Fuel system shows copper tubing and rubber hose supply to the two Racer fuel filters en route to the engine. An in-line fuel shut off valve is fitted. The raw/fresh water cooling system shows functional sea cock, sea strainer, heat exchanger, oil and transmission coolers. The wet exhaust shows a riser with pot and rubber hose discharge to the transom. The Kanzar transmission turns a 1-1/4" stainless steel shaft through a bronze stuffing box and rubber hose/fiberglass tube log. Engine also powers an 80A alternator. Engine controls include separate shift and throttle levers and pull stop at the helm. The key ignition/start switch is at the engine gauge panel in the main cabin. Engine gauges include functional tachometer, water temperature and oil pressure gauges plus all engine alarm. Engine hourmeter shows 2199 hours. Engine was operated in all gears at various rpms and showed normal function, both at the mooring and underway.

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