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1996 SURVEY of Schooner TAIPI

The staysail schooner rigged vessel is fitted with two box beam painted white wooden masts that are each stepped on deck. Masts are supported with compression posts to the bilge, stainless steel Chainplate, stainless steel turnbuckles. 1x9 stainless steel wire using swaged and StaLok end fittings. Sail tracks are mounted atop bulwarks. Mainsheet traveler is mounted aft of cockpit. Adequate winches are provided.

Vessel is fitted with a Harken roller furling headsail system. Stationary mounts for the spinnaker pole are on the leading edge of the foremast. The box beam bowsprit is supported with whisker and hob stays. A club footed forestaysail is also fitted.

The standing rigging of the main mast only was inspected aloft and on deck and shows good condition, except as noted in COMMENTS. The mizen mast rigging was inspected on deck only. No evidence of decay or aging of the painted wooden masts was seen.

"TAIPI II" is fitted with the following sail handling winches.

  • 3 Foremast halyard winches
  • 1 Goiot main halyard winch
  • 4 Sheet handling winches
  • 3 Winch handles

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