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High School Books
This is a link to Holt, Rinehart and Winston Publishers.

1994 Edition
comes with Learning Guide (used)

All our books are in a very good condition, some like new.
Holt Biology Book is in excellent condition.

While we were living on our sailing boat in the Virgin Islands, our three children have been home schooling through the A Beka School & the KEYSTONE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL program. Then we moved to Hawaii and last year was their first year back in a regular school setting. Our son was 14 and went to a private Mission School (8th grade), our younger daughter 11, went to the Public Intermediate School (6th. grade) and our other daughter was 15 when she started 10th. grade at the local High School; all made straight A's.

Holt, Rinehart and Winston

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HOLT BIOLOGY - Visualizing Life - Books size: 9" x 11" - # of pages: 850

This is a scanned image of our book. This book is in very good condition

BOOK DESCRIPTION & PRICES (price for new books 1994 edition is $66.60) :
Holt Biology: Visualizing Life, 1994 How do things work and why do things happen? Helping students discover answers to these questions is the purpose of Holt Biology: Visualizing Life. This complete instructional package--a combination of curriculum-based, multimedia resources--uses examples, analogies, visual images, and easy-to-understand language to help all students grasp core concepts. Awe-inspiring graphics lead students through complex biological processes such as photosynthesis. Original animations on the videodiscs let students explore phenomena such as how glucose crosses the cell's plasma membrane through coupled channels. Real-life examples--from pollution to pregnancy and alcohol to AIDS--motivate students to learn by consistently tying biology to their lives.

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